IS YOUR SWEET TOOTH BARKING?Here are some of the goods you might find in our coolers!


Making your kids smile isn’t always easy as pie, and taming the afternoon sugar fix isn’t always a piece o’ cake either. That’s why it’s a good thing we have daily selections of peanut butter pies to cheesecakes and assortments of cake balls to cupcakes! The finer things in life always call for a touch of sugar, and you’ll find many such fine things when you visit. By the slice or the entire pie!


A run to the kookie jar doesn’t get much more pleasing than a finding a chocolate chip cookie waiting – unless you prefer the personalized spin of a tastefully (or un-tastefully) decorated sugar cookie, from the hands of icing-wielding artists at the Killa Kookies & Kream shop. Whether you prefer buckeye balls to lemon bars, peanut butter blossoms to butter cream sandwiches, or you prefer to stop in and see what dreamt up after a well-oiled bender, you can count on us being the bakery that has just what you need.


Smooth as a Barry White, soft as Chris Bosh, and Fluffy as Gabriel Iglesias, our lineup of gelatos, sorbets and soft serve ice cream will melt in your mouth (and anything else above 32 degrees Fahrenheit), delivering the perfectly-cool-and-creamy bite of sweetness. Not to stop there, we also blend up a variety of Killa frozen drinks and shakes, so whether you like yours by the sip or the spoon, in sugar cones, waffle cones or cake cones, or with drizzles, candy toppings or whip cream, we’re ready to package your frozen delight however you take it!


From a slow-drinking cup o’ Joe, to a high-octane shot of espresso, our line of hot and cold beverages are the perfect partner to one of our decadent sweets or hearty lunch items. ¬†After all, no scents go together more than coffee and cake, and we treat both with artisanal values and a passion for every pour. Morning, noon or night, we have plenty of beverages available, so stop on in and see what’s on tap today!


Rich and hearty. Warm and aromatic. Made from scratch and seasoned to perfection. When we whip up a soup, a stew or a chili, we’re treat each batch with the same love we do a dessert, treat or beverage. The more filling cousin to the other menu items we offer, our line of soups and salads are a staple of our fall and winter menu, excellent for tasty, wholesome and nutritious meals. We mix up our offerings daily, so be sure to stop in often, to try out your newest, soon-to-be favorite!